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Neura Label 300X Ink System

Neura Label 300X Ink System

Neura Label Business Bulk Ink Solution - CISS
Each System Includes:
- Inkbags 
- Magnet for door bypass
- Clips to hold ribbon tubing
- Custom Tray, Instructions, Product Lifetime Support

For Use with: 

NeuraLabel 300x - High-Speed, Variable-Width,
On-Demand Label Printer

Ink System is Compatible with HP Cartridge:
Neura Label Black Ink Cartridge, HW-300X-BRPC
Neura Label Cyan Ink Cartridge , HW-300X-CRPC
Neura Label Magenta Ink Cartridge , HW-300X-MRPC
Neura Label Yellow Ink Cartridge , HW-300X-YRPC